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Bending machine tooling management and maintenance Bending machine die-casting

14 November, 2014 at 6:26 am in Business

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Location : Bending machine tooling management and maintenance Bending machine die-casting

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Bending machine tooling management and maintenance Bending machine die-casting mold is one of the three essential factors of production, good or bad bending machine mold using a direct impact on the life of bending machine dies, production efficiency and product quality, the relationship between the cost of casting. For the die-casting workshop, the bending machine tooling good care and maintenance is a strong guarantee normal production smoothly, help the stability of product quality, reduce production costs largely invisible, thereby improving productivity. According problems encountered in actual production, we explore how to put bending machine tooling maintenance better. First: Create press brake tooling File, ready (A) that is set for each bending machine tooling built into the plant when using a complete set of records, which is an important basis to ensure the future care and maintenance of each have to do detailed, clear, including daily production mode times included. (2) As a bending machine tooling management, bending machine die since the plant, bending machine mold parts each part of the structure must be credited to the bending machine tooling detailed archives and according to the needs, the fold wearing section bending machine mold lists, advance preparation accessories, such as ejector, core, such as setting a minimum amount of consumable spare parts inventory, so as not to delay in production due to lack of preparation. Because in many such lessons the company has prepared to no risk. If because he was not prepared to delay the production of spare parts, the cost to businesses caused by the casting is great, time, manpower, holding furnace electricity (or LPG) and so is not a small figure, the most important is the delay in the production, delayed delivery losses will be even greater! (3) to the bending machine dies while doing it is necessary to resume the card bending machine mold itself inscribed in permanent marker, easy to distinguish. So long as people are not stupid not cause bending machine tooling installed wrong farce. (4) If the fuel tank comes with Pulling the bending machine dies, as soon as possible to their coupled with quick-change connectors, otherwise every disassembly bending machine dies oil leaking from the fuel tank inside wasted enough money you pay several employees month's wages, you can also use the money saved to employees to improve the food. This also greatly reduces the bending machine die casting operatives handling time, get a few things in one fell swoop. Remember to buy some good quality quick connectors, or just the opposite. (5) advance the development of bending machine dies regulations for staff training system, effective implementation of it. Secondly, in the production process considerations mentioned bending machine tooling maintenance and maintenance, in the minds of many die-operatives will immediately flashed a concept, always thought it was mold repair work to do, and he has little In fact, just the opposite. How all fate bending machine die casting can be said that in the hands of operatives hold. Speak, you have a car, opened a few years is broken, you can say all those car wash caused it? So bending machine tooling points to pay special attention in the course of the following: (1) using bending machine mold cooling system. Bending machine mold cooling water in case of proper use of not only extend the life of the mold bending machine, and improve production efficiency. In actual production, we often overlook its importance, the operator is also the easy way, then go to pick too much trouble, do not pick up the cooling pipes, and some companies even custom bending machine tooling in order to save costs when Do not even cooling water, resulting in very serious consequences. Bending machine tooling materials are generally dedicated bending machine mold steel produced by various processes, and even the best bending machine die steel also have their limits of use, like on temperature. Bending machine tooling in use, if the die temperature is too high, it is easy to get there early to make the mold core surface Tortoise, and some have not even bending machine mold die times more than 2000 large cracks appeared on the turtle. Even bending machine tooling in production bending machine mold temperature is too high because the core has changed color, after measuring even reached more than four degrees, so temperatures chilling encounter next release agent state is prone turtle crack, products are easily deformed, strain, mold and other sticky situations. In the case of bending machine mold cooling water can greatly reduce the use of release agent, so the operator does not use a release agent to reduce the temperature of the bending machine dies. Its advantage is that effectively extend the life of bending machine dies, saving die casting cycle, improve product quality, reduce strain and stick mold and aluminum sticky situation occurs, reducing the use of release agent. But also to reduce the bending machine mold temperature overheat and cause ejector and core losses. (2) bending machine dies at the beginning of the production process must be preheated to the bending machine dies, preventing cold bending machine dies suddenly encountered the hot liquid metal and lead Tortoise, the more complex bending machine mold can be used a blowtorch, gas, good condition with mold temperature, relatively simple bending machine can use a slow injection mold preheat. (3) on the bending machine mold parting surface clean-up, and this is very cumbersome, and it is very easy to be ignored, if the boss high starting point, buy a good bending machine dies, then it becomes much easier to work, if bending machine dies poor quality production in bending machine mold parting surface inevitably produce burrs or dirt, operators should always go to clean up these sites, at any time with a small blade (the company should give you staff ready to complete the tool, there is a good gun to fight). If there is no timely removal of burrs, bending machine mold parting surface is easily collapsed, resulting in the production process of aluminum ran once caused such consequences, no matter how good you have mold repair experts, the possibility of fully restored is very small, not that they do not have the ability. Run consequences caused by the emergence of aluminum, not only increases the cost of casting, white aluminum waste, product quality is not stable, especially internal quality, but also increases the difficulty of process parameters, the pass rate will drop a lot, from safety considerations, increasing the chance of injuries. In shift, when operatives kerosene thorough application of bending machine mold parting surface clean again, not only to prevent bending machine tooling will not be crushing, and after cleaning, can be on the bending machine mold release agent residue or other dirt clogged exhaust ducts open, conducive to the discharge medium-sized cavity injection process gases to improve product quality, and a sub-surface cleaning team down twice appropriate. Employees must develop a good habit. (4) If the bending machine is equipped with a neutron control mold, then pay attention to the absolute prohibition of die casting machine and bending machine tooling joints between the signal line has the phenomenon, the reason is very clear, in daily production, it is difficult to avoid the signal line dip water, or where the joint dressing easy to break, resulting in the machine shorted, if caused by a signal error, ranging from alarm and automatic shutdown delay time, while the signal disturbance, the bending machine mold top bad. Resulting in unnecessary losses. Limit switch attention to water. (5) Each team succession, according to the company's "bending machine tooling point checklist" to do serious point inspection, identify problems solved in time, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble for himself. Furthermore: mold repair job classes act as a "cure all disease-free physical" role in bending machine tooling maintenance and maintenance, complete a bending machine tooling for a lot of tasks, bending machine after removing the mold, mold repair personnel must have a detailed understanding of this bending machine tooling, such as of now produced a total of how many die times, what was once a failure to see the end products understand the current bending machine die state, whether to secure the life of bending machine dies, and whether you want to shop based on production volume report prepared molds, which have to view this bending machine tooling archives; (1) mold repair personnel in the maintenance, repair and maintenance of the process must be mastered a principle, and definitely not allowed to modify the size of bending machine dies, in such a premise to go to work - if once to change the original size, there bulk produce quality accident occurred, the loss will be very heavy. (2) According to the company, "mold repair maintenance regulations," a really good job maintenance work. During maintenance, mold repair work on the tools used by the lack of awareness of the use, for example, in the mold of the bending machine polishing process using relatively coarse stone, and some even hundreds impeller mounted polishing machine polishing of mold core, not only cause core deep scratches the surface everywhere, and injury to the core surface nitride layer, so that the next time casting production simply can not use, not sticky mold, is strained. There are many cases like this, the last bending machine tooling production of good, such as the reproduction on how not to live but also dry, in addition to other external factors, this is a very important reason. (3) such as ejector, core, etc. should be carefully examined for wearing parts, there is no bending, cracks, etc. If there are promptly replaced, a lot of cases, such as bending machine tooling mold is not completed when the number of times of reproduction on the broken core most of the reasons thus no serious examination, there is the problem is not found together in advance, resulting in a great waste of manpower and time. (4) polishing bending machine mold needs to add that, where there is sticky aluminum, where there where carbon is polished to minimize wear and tear on the bending machine mold caused because polishing caused. (5) respond to bending machine tooling all moving parts, and the binding site, screws and so do the lubrication and rust treatment. (6) bending machine tooling management and maintenance staff always monitor the situation, pay attention to other management details. Good maintenance records for future reference. Custody bending machine tooling should be accounting, drawings, files, etc. consistency, bending machine tooling can not open the store, to avoid missing parts of long-term use of bending machine tooling regular anti-rust treatment. The new bending machine dies within a specified period of time try to do to deal with stress, to prolong its life. In bending machine tooling maintenance and repair process, some say quite simply, know, but really hard to do so, we need to continue to implement due diligence, the work done.

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