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Evil monster world 6.0 shoot to hunt to hang the mallet fortress exportation insight and battle guidebook

30 December, 2014 at 1:34 am in Business

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Location : Evil monster world 6.0 shoot to hunt to hang the mallet fortress exportation insight and battle guidebook

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Evil monster world 6.0 shoot to hunt to hang the mallet fortress exportation insight and battle guidebook Bring for everyone today a gunning hunter the exportation synopsis for originally hanging mallet fortress in the new regiment guidebook, apply commonness and hero difficulty and individual epic difficulty. Evil monster world 6.0 shoot to hunt the exportation of hanging the mallet fortress battle guidebook Bring for everyone today a gunning hunter the exportation

synopsis for originally hanging mallet fortress in the new regiment guidebook, apply commonness and hero difficulty and individual epic difficulty. Good at recommendation: First recommend in the whole combat that hang mallet fortress all use Gu wolf to shoot good at, know to all Gu wolf the gunning hunts of single body's hurting have already far and far outrun to exist and monster king, the monster king hunts of Aoe also far and far outrun gunning and existence, but hang to almost have no a great deal of add in Boss of mallet fortress, so still keep recommending shoot to major in here.The friend says the No.3 Tai gram diagram Si monster the king is good at to hunt a to fight with Gu wolf gunning, really can, concretely behind Boss war in will have an exaltation. The choice of natural endowments First floor: The fast disease is like breeze: This natural endowments applies those one of need not ambulations but once needing to be moved will beg to move a scope bigger boss war. For example the No.1 card adds Si ·blade boxing, the No.3 Tai gram diagram Si, the No.6 carat Ge, No.7 head of state, Ma Er Gao, gram. Lie a tiger to hide a dragon: This natural endowments applies to need multifarious run or is the boss war that needs to usually make you open awe to reduce wound.For example the No.4 cloth orchid be willing to Si wave the fifth only eye evil double of sons. The choice of second floor natural cheap wow items endowments to our Boss influence of the war not big, can choose some tie gunning, help control small strange. The 3 F natural endowments usually chooses that some iron eagle guards, 10% resident reduce to harm in the turning point or have much of a function. 4 F: The firmness is concentrated:This natural endowments usually match 7 F of natural endowments of devoting one's minding and shooting use, because devote one's mind shoot as long as use once can trigger the buff of firmness concentration. Hunt incitement:match the natural endowments of 7 F of completely independent absolutely is extremely go together with.Beginning an explosion to trigger to hunt incitement in a row can tee off the injury of explosion. The 5 F natural endowments should be a milli- no objection to order killing black crow, can match with decoration to be a small explosion use. 6 F: Play act gunning:Usually boss war all recommend use this natural endowments, list the body and Aoe hurt all very objective, the only weakness is to need to be concentrated at 60:00 to be worth and sometimes make us circulate not and smoothly. Fly blade:No matter is list all of the body an injury still Aoes is to have never played act gunning Gao but advantage lies in the concentration needing is worth little can very natural card enter we of exportation circulation in. 7 F: Devote one's mind gunning:In fact and currently pack to wait to see is devote one's mind to shoot to match with the dps that the firmness concentration can tee off is the tallest, but this natural endowments limits sex too greatly, at hang mallet fortress, this duplicate in only then the No.2 butcher can have opportunity to have been letting we station stake exportation, but at move war in only once devote one's mind shoot break file behind of several seconds will face have never concentrated value can daze of condition, after all work properly fox to guard the CD of having the 3 mins, usually even need the treatment that works properly fox and guards to stay to us. Is completely independent:This is also the Gu said by us usually wolf natural endowments, be don't take a baby(the words say the baby's hunter that don't take still a hunter …) circumstance usually we will use this natural endowments. Diao Wen suggests: Big vulture text recommendation:Strange United States pulls a vulture text, liberation vulture text and awe vulture text, these three vulture texts can make us fight medium existence ability in the boss to have to promote. The little vulture text is essential to is to hunt leopard to guard a vulture text, the individual thinks that the value may compare a big vulture text, particularly at hang mallet fortress to need multifarious run of duplicate in.The rest is at will. The choice of attribute Many people's all banding together cheapest wow powerleveling a first attribute is a shot to suddenly and violently still keep splashing, I suggest everyone or have the initiative a heap here shot suddenly and violently, because we shoot hunt a passive technical ability call fatal shoot, make us acquire in any outlet suddenly and violently shot to additionally promote 5%.Maximize to still suggest that everyone has the initiative suddenly and violently shot for the sake of our attribute. Is comprehensive to come to say be:Suddenly and violently shot>=splash>omnipotent>rapid>master in The important point of Boss war The No.1 card adds Si ·blade boxing:This Boss common difficulty and hero difficulty don't have special crux, our hunter is usually assigned by the chief to be present a ground of outer circle to make a sandbag set, or follows a last audience seat of 2 T pure small strange. Open Boss heel the others scatter 7 code station If be assigned and follow audience seat of 2 Ts will be light loose, wait Boss near war all repulse behind sign right away close to boss, wait Boss to release a fetter and throw the future reunion throws you up the audience seat and needs and uses and plays just after going up act gunning small strange mislead to the T, then come together behind AN over can immediately go toward a wall the side jump downward, attention at top of small strange have the initiative shot and kill steel hurl and play hand and steel and throw a poison. If be presently assigned an edge to make to assault a sandbag set, generally speaking will have 4 sandbags to divide four directions dispersion station, if the fire pillar of your neighborhood appeared go toward place edge the station leave boss as far as possible far some, will let Boss assault to have a roll call you like this, etc. roll call empress up take toward the fire pillar the boss.Whereas, if the fire pillar of your neighborhood has never appeared that to be stood by infield and leave boss a little bit near, don't let Boss have a roll call you as far as possible.At the same time the green turn and fire turn of attention ground, can hide and then hide.There is also the time that a place that wants to be advertent is a fire pillar to rise quickly would give out light to keep off several steps at that time, otherwise probably drive at the time that pillar rose fire's shot's flying to cause to fall into pit was been a tiger food by the tiger. Connect bottom Boss is to the No.1 of saying the epic difficulty, and distinguishing of hero difficulty 3:00: The first:On the ground will the fire turn of periodic emergence, although the injury isn't Gao very still remember to stay away to lower to cure pressure. The second:Originally pass in the tiger in the pit will appear presently up, and will have a roll call a random player, if order you it momentary is in the fire pillar that bring in and rise.(bringing in the fire pillar to the tiger will increase concern and jump like sparrows a value and increase for Boss easy harm)Then momentary turn fire shot to kill. The third:It is also the most important 1:00.Boss also has a roll call to assault, but different from hero difficulty be had a roll call by the boss don't momentary takes the boss to top in the fire pillar.Because being assaulted time of roll call is more long, jumping like sparrows of on the stage audience the value is more high, the easy wound of Boss will be also more high.Drive boss after having a roll call can stand first on the fire pillar the edge then wait boss quickly and arrive nearby open awe, wait the time that the awe still includes a 1-2 Ss want to protect to the team QS, wait until protection again to end to lead the boss to the fire pillar quickly in stop assaulting, fight for easy wound to maximize.If assign the last audience seat to still keep having the initiative the hurl one who play and hurl poison, although killed future reunion decrease to jump like sparrows a value still keep having the initiative shot to kill, then the infantry can kill severals are severals, can increase to jump like sparrows a value. Then it boss' easily harming that is the time that we steal Dps, begin to open a rapid shoot, then the 23th rapid gunning etc. Boss to easily harm Gao after again open, can effectively raise Dps like this(what?Didn't the dps of cheating call dps!) No.2 butcher:If you are been divided into is the near Boss war set switch that fluently splits to cut that to listen to chief conductor and when enter an A set and when enter a B set.If is wrong that canning not help be sprayed or button up DKP..If divide in the long range set that easy.The whole distance wodden post takes out boss, the quick shot flies the distance in attention control, don't leave boss too far, otherwise be flown an artillery range by the buy wow powerleveling shot and then will interrupt and read, time jump and split quickly hereafter move order distance, otherwise Boss probably jump back and cause technical ability's could not putting and also influencing Dps to you. The No.3 Tai gram diagram Si:Follow crowd to gather.Be had a roll call red fog go toward crowd or so move a small segment distance then path keep into a wall the side run, absolutely can not bring in the crowd to red fog, don't let red fog give° the others and round restriction and walk as far as possible as well.Is small strange to come out momentary to turn fire, ensure there is a black crow on the hand, ascend black crow first then wait small strange clay-cold black crow to break to continue to big strange up.Ensure again each time Boss all has already played an act after splitting up can put, our Dpses are to dig out from the detail.Particularly wait boss to split into 4 time Be optimistic about medicine water of decoration CD use to play an act, as far as possible quick of carry on the shoulder this 4+ one stage to pass by. The before once saying our LR of this Boss can be used a monster the king is good at, because in boss 4+ one stage and boss finally split into the strong aoe ability of 4 time monster king can let the dps quickly soar, and usually multifarious run the time of monster king good at also ability the effective decrease loses of dps.There is the friend of interest that can taste to take a shot. The No.4 cloth orchid be willing to Si wave:Small strange momentary turns fire small strange, have the initiative the class eclipse brain fungi>garden pea shooter>carnivorous.Garden pea shooter of time adequacy dispersion next.The small strange remnants blood attention puts each time killing shoot, not the important cause gives up for being reading to beat killing shoot.Can do an interrupt to read that puts to cut to kill of great. #The showtooltip kills gunning /stopcasting /stopcasting /The cast kills gunning Green mushroom of time slowly close to, ensure the time of boss aoe can at green mushroom 20 code scopes inside.The blue mushroom also slowly closes to, the treatment after brushing explode can add for us 30% rapid, equal to one is small to love blood, still very good.The time of the output's doesn't want to stand on Boss front side, otherwise drive boss one vomit an interest to put to death and then be unsuited to proper.If the chief assigns LR is take a fire gun to spray moss that has the initiative to burn Boss foot or the moss of neighborhood, then is the moss of blue and green mushroom neighborhood, is the moss of crowd neighborhood again.Assigning the friend of this task can do one great. /click ExtraActionButton1 /stopcasting /stopcasting Press is to spray fire for a while, again press is stop.Can effectively keep energy from leading heat. On the fifth only eye evil double of sons:It is a first important affair to hide good fire and assault.The fire is to have regulation, DBM notices the position that Boss puts weapon after hinting, if is the front that puts weapon in the crowd that didn't need ambulation in the beginning, because fire is sent forth to go out from the front side of weapon, those three fires need not took care of, this time needed to be advertent is an unique several seconds, cheapest wow items the future reunion wore past fire from the horizontal crowd, if can advance and go wow powerleveling away and stay away that is had better, if not go directly strong line of wear in the past, the 1 F debuff treatment brushed is completely had no pressure. If the boss is put weapon crowd distance, that spots to spread to come over of the blank on schedule of fire middle wears in the past, couldn't win debuff so.Had better adjust into 90 degrees of game angle of views when hiding is fiery, ability the convenience is a lot of.Still have and need to be advertent at 1:00 BE, awe although the moment that can evade and trample fire injury can not evade debuff, and fire of the injury is to mainly come from debuff, so having to not have a friend and feel and open awe can trample fire by various flower type.Assaulting to hide is easy, time hint to assault quickly slowly close to boss, assault time to notice Boss shield position again more open. Still have already needed advertent is a rockslide, the crowd must scatter for for the second time well, slicing to record don't is greedy for to read but eat rockslide, is flown after more than 10 codes boss by the shot to almost will escape from our artillery range scopes and lose more than gain.If the treatment pressure greatly can open awe in the big rockslide time, can completely evade the injury of big rockslide.Ordered to lie a tiger to hide after natural endowments dragon the CD of awe completely can turn to come over.The tornado cuts time to keep off then.The sword is strange to be spreading the time that roars to the Shuai must close to tank to share in injury.If is a crushed stones+go to the technical ability of Shuai rant to combine and then close to boss first 4 code dispersion, grade two times after declining a stone momentary close to toward tank to share in injury. If can of the words let tank as far as possible pull Boss together, had better lap over, so our strange United States pulls to shoot then 4 code distances that the bitterness forces to beat to two bosses at the same time.The fifth can say is a pit is the hunter's a Boss very much, if the tank position pulls not to like that to distinguish with the list body boss nothing important to hunter, so everyone sees beat however a lot of near war occupations need not band together, we make an effort good.I just don't say seeing pass by is an all dark green one on Wol., The of course not is our big hunter, whole is Wu Seng. Connect bottom to the epic mode of saying the next five numberses, the differentiation of epic and hero in addition to hurt significant the exaltation still has technical ability to also have a change, first is a fee Mo to think is also a strange sword tornado to cut, open strange empress the first tornado cuts meeting drive Ao Shu the Chong can strengthen the gravitation that the tremendous to build up tornado cuts, affirmation of the tank will pull up the strange sword out of the crowd in advance this time, we want to make it also is keep off sword strange prevent°from being pulled into tornado to cut in, go in basic is dead.Also open your to work properly fox to guard at the same time, can let up to cure pressure. Then is a Pu Er is also a strange shield shield to assault, behind the beginning the second shield's assaulting equally will be assaulted by the Ao Shu to strengthen as well, the shield is strange will assault toward a direction first, assault after completing also appear three shadows 90 degrees Cape buy wow package assault toward moreover three directions at the same time.This assaults in fact and very hide, because twice assault is sometimes is bad, so while hinting to assault quickly the dBM is arousable near the boss, hide first the first normal regulations assaults and wait boss blunt over behind immediately move to arrive the first direction for assaulting, so can completely evade to assault of injury.If carelessly be hurtled to please immediately let regiment of the QS get rid of Debuff for protection.Fire still similar have to hide well, don't greatly wear 1 F relation, the 2 F bebuff can also accept, if the 3 F above almost can directly die, or recommend everyone to hide to assault and fire of time the angle of view adjusts into 90 degrees angle of view. BE more opposite than a hero difficulty, the epic mode also appears a technical ability Ao Shu turbulence and random has a roll call after 6 Ss to result in aoe's hurting in 8 code scopes, this technical ability hurts very high, middle point must crowd, ensuring don't deep-fry other people.Can adjust a radar to look into to have others/range inside 8 code scopes 8.If middle point of time the blood line is low have never cured to brush blood again resolute use awe, can evade the injury of explosion.You must enter crowd to share in while going to the Shuai rant, otherwise probably face the danger of pouring the Tan.There is also the most important 1:00, if want to gather the time of sharing in the injury you again won roll call don't want into crowd, stand on the boss surrounding 20 codes in surroundings again deep-fried not arrive other people then, similar can share in to the Shuai rant.It is great each time rockslide time's blood line dissatisfied and resolute awe to offset once.The awe with 2 minCDs still uses of rise.The rest is a diligent dozen under the deathless condition high Dps, I held back in the team very unfortunately … The No.6 carat Ge:The this place first floor natural endowments suggests that ordering a fast disease is like breeze, the first can quickly run to fall a ball location, the second can relieve an ice hockey deceleration effect after coming down.If the chief assigns our hunter eats ball that notices the shield on the boss body, shield into cut the time of killing the stage arousable close to boss, wait boss to get into a Chong ability of stage near war all after shot fly momentary get into the diaphragm absorbs to protect shield, at the same time notice blood line to let treatment to add like your blood.Waiting the Chong can end behind you body up will have a be up to the 150 W blood quantity of protect shield.The task that so supports world peace handed over to you and kept on connecting of main task be in the view battlefield where have green of small whirlpool, if the detection rushes through a past station in the top for momentary, if the ball that could not connect to drop down will result in to the whole field to hurt in quantity Aoe, so this task is still very important.The empress that fights in the boss expects if can not answer all balls that to also want to answer many balls to ease treatment pressure as far as possible.If have never assigned us to eat ball simple, is almost a wodden post boss, attention stay away a boss roll call then.When the boss noodles raises hammer son toward you run in advance, otherwise at probably blood the time that line is dissatisfied will drive second.The small strange treatment underneath that the Chong ability stage appears will mention. Connect down and then said how raise dps in this combat, general small strange the time in the tank will let hunter to mislead small strange mislead pass by.At small strange just of time can give tank up mislead, then the time of grade two small strange emergence momentary played an act and waited to have the time that twos are together small strange to come together at least card CD strange United States pulls, notice conversion target.Need not be worried that the small strange meeting is in the dead in the outside of circle noodles, because if the technical ability of the hunter and the technical ability injury of the tank is to completely can not kill small strange.Etc. after misleading time the be over beats boss to press amount of blood for the darling go to, otherwise small strange carelessly ot will back pot.Tank small strange the inside all drawing in a turn play act gunning behind CD should also turn good, can heartily of the AN after being small strange to cheat Dps, playing act gunning the be over have killing shoot directly use never skin a flint, dps be so come of!The shield on the boss body arrived to cut to kill a stage momentary be also used killing shoot, although not ability the double cut to kill, also better than nothing. No.7 head of state, Ma Er Gao, gram:This Boss declares wild regiment evil-foreboding dream, I once met a the elder brothers to cry about to put out not in power regiment for livelong two days, 96 hadn't led …the moment was in great disorder at that time.But, don't worry, finish seeing this guidebook you and then will completely understand when you should do what. Majority of regiments beating all of hairs are long ranges to gather a station now. First P1 stage, Boss will random have a roll call debuff of a player, time of low number can take no cognizance, wait 6 F or so keep off crowd and stop passing the others to the debuff.Boss will separate a period of time to recruit small strange, momentary turns a fire dozen to drop.The time of small strange emergence it is the best to have black crow and play act gunning.Boss' separating a period of time will spread Ao ability Nova, send forth from its body a turn of light dizzy.Directly sprang up to once wear light dizzy then.The end is the technical ability of the theest most important boss, is also put out regiment absolute being skill-demolish sympathy.It is also the land mine that we are so called.While hinting to demolish sympathy DBM momentary goes toward left or go toward right stay away, it is momentary to remember, absolutely can not be greedy for to read.If carelessly trample medium is a whole regiment aoe, trample medium oneself be biggest subjected to injury, there is also a debuff, suffer from the injury of Ao Shu to raise 45%, also faint 1.5 Ss.Is also speak a light dizzy or roll call's spreading to a body top will faint and also raise injury.So remember must hide like. Wait Boss blood to arrive 85% juniorses into the P2 stageses, in this stage player roll call around will have a turn after, if come out this turn and then will be automatically sent back this turn in the center.So put out regiment to order to come, a lot of friends would hastily run a crowd while hearing the chief saying that the 6 F brands a crowd then drive pullout turn in the center, at the right moment the turn in the center has a thunder.Trample so last, so the key figures count a debuff person not to have to be panic and slowly walk to the edge of turn in the P2 stageses.Don't a turn, ignore in have thunder, can develop a good habit like this.The small strange still momentary turns fire, but notices small strange clay-cold will beat off crowd, so never be small strange-the crowd-land mine station like this.The Ao ability Nova of P2's coming in contact with crowd will also beat off, so still attention station. The bomb diameter that this stage appears will slowly become big, remember to cherish life and keep off bomb.While beating to 55% bloods the boss will appear two masters in in the doorway big strange, will appear inside the field a lot of small strange.In addition to the tank pulls outside all small strange dpseses momentary to turn master Huo inside the good field strange, if was been strange by the master to have a roll call crowd, as far as possible don't the A is to the others.Fire away a master strange empress listen to chief conductor the treatment open to reduce to harm behind AN over small strange inside the field, turn into P3 stageses.A roll call still similar key figures of the P3 stageses count the crowd get rid of by himself/herself and remember to open to reduce wound.Appear small strange momentary to turn fire, this small strange amount of blood will biggest promote.The Nova of Ao Shu of P3 will release three times in a row, the partition 8 Ss, time once wore notice oneself blood line, if not blood line Gao can successively back a few etc.s blood line safety spread again pass by.The land mine of this stage will exist for two minutes at the same time.Is also must not trample thunder..This stage still has a put out regiment's ordering is a tank body up of a debuff, the explosion future reunion brings tremendous Aoe injury to all personnels inside 35 codes.Are all tanks to run to go out to keep off at the P1 P2 stageses crowd but P3 stage tank in the debuff will be settled a body at first, so the crowd wanted to collectively move to keep off the tank of winning the debuff 35 code scopes to ensure to be deep-fried. Waiting Boss blood to measure to 25% will get into to turn a stage and enter P3 to turn a stage with P2 different is this time meeting one is big strange.Rapid shoot to hand over with medicine water all big strange at this after coming out, momentary rush drops, the attention doesn't want to stand to be big strange front side.Fire away big strange empress again momentary turn master Huo strange.Is small strange and the second processing with strange master big parts of regiments all choose now the kite is small strange and stay a master strange, then open to love blood direct rushBoss.Turn into after the P4 stageses tank in the kite of those are small strange absolutely can not beat, we cheat dps to also want to cheat of have a little honor, the indirect causes the affair of putting out the regiment's doing not can make.The Boss technical ability had a dissimilarity again.This time whole regiment dispersion but still want to notice 1:00, never trample thunder, the P4 tramples a thunder two equal to, , put out regiment what of is the affair that divides minute.The Boss roll call will order two people, number Gao the attention open good self-preservation technical ability.Boss recruits the small strange still momentary of to turn fire to drop, the abruption comes out of small strange also momentary turn fire.The Nova of Ao Shu of time remember that the crowd separately once wore, because of at wear light dizzy of time there is an aoe of 4 code scopes.P4 tankses' after aring had a roll call go out exploding will appear a lot of balls presently up, remembering must stay away, not high the time in the blood line hit be drive second.Leave of is easy etc. to jump achievement. Finally wish everyone to open up wild country smoothly, break through duplicate soon.

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