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Sweet corn in northern Technical Q Q

30 December, 2014 at 1:50 am in Business

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Location : Sweet corn in northern Technical Q Q

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Sweet corn in northern Technical Q Q: sweet corn, also known as corn and vegetables, and its grain sugar than about 10 times higher than normal corn, mainly used for processing into canned sweet corn or fresh ear to the market, cooking raw food can be, at the same time, but its taste sweet corn sweet, digestion rate, and loved by the people, because of the economic benefits of better planting sweet corn, sweet corn in recent years to promote the area is growing. So I ask planting sweet corn in the northern region to obtain high yield and quality, which should be placed on what key technology? A: The first is to choose the right path excellent varieties of sweet corn is divided into ordinary sweet corn, super sweet corn and sweet corn enhanced three types, should be based on the production end, choose the right path breed type. Ear to tender for the main fruits and vegetables listed, should be used in super sweet corn varieties; canned products mainly to do, you should use an ordinary sweet corn varieties. Furthermore, it should be noted early, middle and late-maturing varieties with planting, onto the market, thereby enhancing economic efficiency. Q: For now, the northern region of sweet corn varieties suitable mainly what? A: Many varieties of sweet corn, domestic, as well as abroad, currently more northern areas planted sweet corn varieties are sweet Shennong single number, a single sweet on the 8th, Jinxiannuo One, Tianjin fresh on the 2nd, Sweet jade on the 2nd, the 4th jade sweet, sweet jade 6, some varieties of sweet 2, Section 110 and so sweet. Q: The basic characteristics and yield performance of these varieties How? Answer: - Shennong sweet single number. This is a special type of corn by the Institute of Shenyang Agricultural University bred ordinary Sweet Corn Hybrids. The white variety is sweet sweet corn grain Cape. With a precocious, high-yield, disease-resistant, high-quality, multi-purpose features. Emergence to harvest fresh ear for 76 days. Nearly cylindrical ear, ear length 17 cm, ear diameter 4.6 cm, grain white, 12-14 rows, each about 35. Fresh ear weight 200-250 grams. Generally more than 3,000 fresh ear yield, fertilizer and water conditions are good land double spike rate of 80%. Stems per acre can produce 2500 kg of feed, but also about baby corn harvest 4000. The variety of good quality, not bald, no shortage of grain, precocious, tablets and plump, fresh ear is particularly suitable for the market. Milky sugar content of about 15% of the lysine content of 0.48%. Pure flavor, moderate sweetness, with a sweet, sticky, sweet, tender, fresh and so on. The breed has been bred since the suburban cities in Liaoning promotion for fresh ear listed, good commodity, much consumers, suitable for sweet corn and sweet corn cropping, but also with other vegetable crops, such as cropping. - Sweet single on the 8th. Sweet is alone on the 8th Beijing Agricultural University in 1992, bred new varieties of sweet corn enhanced, is early maturing sweet corn. Wide adaptability, disease, drought, high yield. Growth period of 80 - 90 days, the plant height 225 cm, 53 cm ear, 19 leaves, ear length 20 cm, 6 cm ear diameter, ear rows 16-18 rows 35-40 grain kernels per row, ear barrel, not bald. Grain harvest amounted to 25.8% of total sugar, or more than twice the high sweet corn, water-soluble polysaccharide more than 30%, and a high content of oil and protein. Eat sweet and waxy strong, good taste, peel soft, nutritious. The growing variety of field, quality, flavors are excellent. The species can be eaten raw, cooked and cooked dishes, but also the processing of canned sweet corn enclosed materials. Sweet corn stover is keeping quality feed cows. Because deep grain, grain neat rows, not bald, suitable for quick freezing and processing of fresh ear or vacuum-packed fresh. The variety of high anti-size spot disease, stem rot, anti-corn borer, more drought, adaptability. Southern China and northern corn can be planted areas. Under good management conditions, can be produced per acre 2000-2500 kg of fresh ear, green fodder 5000 kg or more, the output value of 4000 yuan. - For Fresh One. Fresh corn varieties belong, fresh ear for cooking tender sweet glutinous, shoots for silage, nutrient-rich. One early spring planting Jinxiannuo film growth period 78-81 days. Light leaf spot, drought resistance, male and female flowering coordination. Plant height 170 cm, ear height 53 cm, 13-15 leaves, double spike rate of 10%. 3500 per acre planted, ear length 17-20 cm, 0.5 cm bald, ear diameter 5 cm, 12-16 rows per ear, single ear weight 0.25 kg. Yellow grain, 1/4-type grain quality is sweet, 3/4 grains of flint. Taste good, tender and sweet taste, flavor, low residue, fresh grains containing crude fiber 0.73%, 1.26% fat, 3.4% protein, vitamin C 7.13%. Jinxiannuo One has wide adaptability, is not sensitive to light, from Mudanjiang to Hainan Island in early spring or autumn can be planted. - For Fresh on the 2nd. Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Crop Breeding a precocious white grain corn hybrids. The northern region in early spring planting 85-95 days edible coating, the tiller is strong, double spike rate of 15 percent, ear length 22 cm, 0.5 cm bald, ear diameter 50 van drunen farms cm, 14 rows per ear row. White grain, grain nutritious, taste good. Drought resistance, leaf spot light. Fresh on the 2nd Tianjin is also an extremely precocious type, suitable for the country (white grain consumption habits district) in early spring planting, seeding density of 5000 / acre is appropriate. - No. 2 sweet jade. The Crop Breeding and Cultivation Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences bred. In the case of late-maturing varieties. Growth period of 130 days or so. High sugar content (about 20% of the dry matter weight), fresh food is delicious, with a special flavor. Can be used as green corn sales, but also quick-frozen or processed into canned. Planting density of 2500 to 3000 / acre is appropriate; 20 to 25 days after pollination is the best harvest after harvest fresh ear to steam (or broiled) food is better. Stored at room temperature for 3 days or 7 days stored in the refrigerator, not sweet change; the market for the supply of convenience and processing, sowing stage to extend the supply period. Suitable for southern northeast, north and southern provinces (regions) planting. - Sweet Jade on the 4th. Is bred by the Crop Breeding and Cultivation Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Is a semi-enhanced sweet corn varieties. The variety is medium maturing variety. freeze dried banana Plant growth neat line. Ear grew, uniform, yellow fine grain, high quality, good flavor. Canning should also be fresh and quick-frozen processing. IQF preliminary processing, five months after the save food, flavor remains level during harvest. The best selection fertilizer plots planted with better conditions, density of 3500 to 4000 / acre is appropriate. - Sweet Jade on the 6th. Is bred by the Crop Breeding and Cultivation Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Belongs to strengthen sweet type. Maturing varieties. Height 230 cm, about 90 cm ear. Ear length 22 cm, thick 4.6 cm, 14 to 16 rows per ear row, pale yellow grain, grain color consistency. Peel thin and tender, waxy strong, sweetness and good taste. High resistance to corn, small spot disease, lodging. dehydrated vegetable Under normal circumstances the average yield of fresh ear (with bracts) 1025 kg, suitable for quick-frozen processed or fresh, it can be processed into pellets and paste, canned food, high quality. Planting fertilizer conditions are good, the best selection of plots planted; general density of 4000 / mu; suitable for planting a wide area, can be planted throughout the North and South. - In the 2nd sweet. Is bred by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Crop Germplasm Resources. Is the precocious enhanced sweet corn. Growth period 107-115 days. Height of about 200 cm. L ~ 2 ear per plant. Ear tube type, length 20 cm, 12 to 14 rows per ear row. Grain light yellow. Excellent taste. High anti-virus, large and small leaf blight and bacterial wilt. The variety of planting density per acre 4000. Sweet Branch 110. Is bred by the Institute of Genetics. Belongs to strengthen sweet corn types. Sowing seeds to maturity of approximately 126 days. The top soil varieties of seed buds strong force, red sheath. First leaf oval. Leaves dark green, more compact plant type, leaf straight. Lower leaves more intensive ear, ear sparse upper leaves, leaves from the larger. 190 cm height, ear height 70 cm. Tassel branch 12, is a semi-compact tassel, Ying sheath reddish, yellowish green anthers, pollen volume. Ear bract tight, top with moderate flag leaf, style light red, silk concentration. Male and female flowering stage shedding encounter strong and full. Ear cylindrical, about 18 cm, thick 4.4 cm, 14 to 16 rows, each 34 to 40, long grain deeper, cobs elongated, white. Single green ear weight about 210 grams, green spike of about 580 kg per mu, post-harvest green ear ear-type good, consistent grain neat. Consistent tender grain color, golden yellow, peel tender gratifying, fresh sweet and sticky, savory. Fresh grain containing water-soluble polysaccharide 38.23%, 13.86% protein, fat 4.00%, 30.65% starch, vitamin A 1.28 micrograms / gram. Ripe ear was also found cylindrical, pale yellow grain, grain weight of about 185 g. Roots strike a deep, permanent root, aerial roots developed, solid, upright, good lodging resistance and fold down. Kang Da, small spot, bacterial wilt, viral disease, grain rot, head smut. Resistant to hot wind pollination period. Naifei water. In the fertile soil, drainage conditions are good land cultivation, Liumiao density 3600 / acre; harvest about 22 days after pollination, green ear. Q: Choose a good LO after sweet corn varieties, may I ask what are the key areas sown technical measures which? A: First, choose ground and fine soil preparation, sweet corn germination and rooting weak, to choose deep soil, fertility is good, good permeability, moderate acidity, easy drainage, adequate lighting plots planted sweet corn. After plowing sweet corn plots exposure for several days, and was applied to high-quality manure 1000-1500 kg / mu, leveling the field surface, ready to be planted. Second is to do a seed treatment, including selection, seed soaking and seed germination and so on. Due to the high sugar content of sweet corn seeds in the soil vulnerable to soil insect feeding damage caused Deficiency. Therefore, the best way is to take the germination sowing sowing. Robust and full featured mainly seeds, first soaked with water for 24 hours, then 50% or 75% carbendazim thiophanate 500 times soaking 2-3 hours, remove and clean, dry control germination. Seed germination process is covered with dry linen on container, spray the right amount of water at the surface of seeds 40-50 , and cover with a damp cloth, at a temperature of 25-28 , and 24 hours after the shoot to a time. If the outside temperature is low, warming should take measures to promote seed germination. Bud to grin as well, not too long. Q: What is the process of planting operations in which there is a critical technical requirements? A: First of all you must do the isolation planting. Sweet corn should ordinary corn or other types of corn planting to isolate avoid pink string, affect product quality. Spatial segregation and isolation planting time can be isolated in two ways, but the spatial isolation as well. Such as the use of spatial isolation, usually 400 meters above the plain areas, where natural barriers woods, hills, houses, roads, etc., isolation distances can be shortened. Such as the use time of isolation, sweet corn and other maize varieties sowing should differ by more than 30 days. In short, in order not to meet the principle of two types of corn pollen. Followed by timely sowing, when the soil temperature stabilized at 10 ~ 12 when to sow, sow specifications take the "size Ridge" double row planting way, spaced 50 to 60 cm, spacing due to different varieties and cultivation levels, using 25 ~ 30 cm. Cultivation conditions are good, generally flat varieties, planting 3,300 to 3,600 acres, about compact varieties planted 4000 acres. Sowing methods can be live or seedling transplanting. Live generally use ditching demand, or Dibble, sowing depth of 5 to 6 cm, (hole) sowing seeds every 2 to 3 points. Saving seed and seedling transplanting favorable early maturity, the best use of plug seedling nursery, 2-3 leaf stage with soil transplanting to avoid root injury. Third, scientific fertilization, as sweet corn harvest earlier than normal corn, it is necessary to do enough base fertilizer, fertilizer reasonable proportion of the northern region in the maturity of 2000 kg per acre, based on the organic fertilizer is recommended Mushi the ternary compound fertilizer (N, P, K, each 15) 15-20 kg basal to ensure sweet corn demand for nutrients. Fourth, we must pay attention planting pollution-free sweet corn planting area needs clean air, no pollution within 3 km, air quality pollution-free agricultural products base in line with air quality standards for irrigation water to clean pollution-free, pollution-free agricultural products base in line with the water quality standards. Soil quality standards in line with soil pollution-free agricultural base. Q: How do the sweet corn field management jobs Which? A: The main technical field management measures are: First, check the fields fill the gaps. When sweet corn grow to 3-4 leaf stage, thinning and transplant seedlings to fill a vacancy, to bring transplant seedlings when the soil, ie watering after transplanting, the best performed in the evening or on cloudy days. 5 leaf stage Dingmiao per hole to stay one, combined with fertilizer weeding. Tai trumpet before jointing stage of earth (Weeding). Reasonable irrigation, soil moisture seedling when holding 50% -60% water, without irrigation. After jointing soil moisture should be maintained at 70% water holding capacity of. Sweet corn with more tillers, branching characteristics, to ensure the ear yield and grade, except tiller pruning should try to avoid damage to the main stem and leaves. Respectively, in the jointing stage, heading and olam garlic flowering and grain filling stage once each dressing. The second is to do pest control work. Sweet corn plant sweet corn than normal, easily lead to minced garlic corn borer, beetle, aphids and other pests, therefore, we must grasp the seedling stage and late corn borer pest control. To prevent food poisoning, should be used with caution in the late pesticide use after pollination, biological control of pests, minimize the use of chemical pesticides, and never can be highly toxic Vinca long highly toxic pesticides. Control soil pests acre with 3% Miller Seoul granules 5 kg, mixed sand in the seed furrow applicator; against corn in large bell Trichogramma egg mass inoculation with fenitrothion bacillus, bassiana powder irrigation leaf. Chemical control before tasseling, Mosaic rate of 10% for the control of the appropriate period, 80% of available dichlorvos EC 2500-3000 times, irrigation heart 10-15ml per plant, the control effect of more than 85%, and to rid corn thrips . One way to use pyrethroid pesticides made from toxic soil or irrigation heart dilution, the effect is more ideal. Third, in a timely manner and emasculation artificial pollination work. Shedding of artificial pollination, make full grain, even to strengthen the artificial pollination If you experience continuous rain in the shedding period. To reduce nutrient consumption, after pollination, the tassel all be cut. In addition, when the majority of sweet corn heading into the period, there will be more strain spike phenomenon, not timely removal will result in little ear and dysplasia, affecting the value of goods, timely and appropriate stripped of excess spikelets becomes increase production ear and key measures of quality merchandise. Q: How Will the sweet corn is better to remove the spike it? A: First, determine the object left ear, you should choose no pests, robust and full of pure leafy upper ear as well, usually the top left ear or two ear down, you can not stay more than one ear; the second is to select just peel ear silking period ability sweet corn meristem panicle strong ground leaf axils of 3-5 spikelets can meristem. Therefore, in addition to leaving the upper part of one ear, the other should be divided meristem spikelets 2-3 times were stripping; the third is stripping spike Methods: should be stripped Infloresence the lateral side of the leaf sheath, stem and leaf sheath that junction place, gently draw knife with a knife, then the left hand help steady the main maize stalks, right ear bud Hold the young end, forced to pull the incision, young bud break will pull out. Be careful not to damage the stem and leaves of the ear. Q: What's the best sweet corn harvest is when? A: When the corn ear highest sugar content of 22-25 days after silking, the thinnest skin, the most suitable harvest. Too early, too late harvest sweet corn will affect the quality and taste. Meanwhile, when the sale of sweet corn processing, to use steam steamed, boiled, do not avoid reduced quality of sweet corn. Q: Will the increase in the cost of sweet corn grown there are other good suggestions and critical technical measures it? A: Of course, except I mentioned in the sweet corn planting process should also note that the early, middle, late-maturing varieties with planting, succession, wrong on the market, thereby enhancing economic efficiency. Avoid lots of fresh corn at the same time the market, resulting in grain prices are low agricultural phenomenon. Q: How do wrong Listed what? A: In addition to using the recommendations in the northern region early, late-maturing varieties planted with the way, the film can take planting and transplanting seedlings in the greenhouse Paper way, relatively early sweet corn planting time, so to achieve the early market to improve the purpose of benefits, but also with other varieties of corn planting staggered in time, achieve the purpose of planting time isolate and solve spatial segregation difficult contradictions. Corn planting is more common in northern regions, combined with planting season, such as taking conventional cultivation, isolation, difficulty of space and time are larger, therefore, to promote the film Paper planting and transplanting seedlings in the greenhouse is a "cake and eat it." effective measures.

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